Me & my experience of dysplasia and the prospect of cervical cancer

I’m a 23 year old, health-conscious cell biologist from the west of Scotland, and have decided to start this blog to share my experience of some health challenges and problems I have faced in the last few years.

After having my first “abnormal” smear at the age of 20, I had repeated “abnormal” smears and was referred from my NHS general practitioner in Scotland to a colposcopy consultant at a Glasgow hospital. Since then, I have attended regular 6 month checkups which normally feature smear tests and biopsies, and have remained floating somewhere in the middle of the dysplasia/fear of developing cervical cancer sea, with fluctuating grade 1 or 2 CIN. This means I don’t have any tumours yet, but my immune system isn’t clearing the HPV virus either.

As a scientist with a molecular biology and cancer research background, I decided it was important to start sharing some of these experiences, as there is so much stuff you can read and so many theories out there, that it’s actually incredibly overwhelming – and the last thing you need as you sit at home with after biopsies with a throbbing cervix trying to figure out how you can help your body to tackle your problem, is to feel drowned in information and theories that are sometimes hard to understand. So, I guess the main focus of me doing this is to try to debunk some of the literature out there and to share what seem to be the results I have had after trying a tonne of these theories out – I have been vegan, I have quit smoking, I have tried to eliminate all stress from my life, I stopped having sex, I have tried hyperalimentation, I have been on green tea detoxes, I have quit my pill.. I’m trying it all. I really hope that some of the stuff I put on this blog will help you. However, I also hope people appreciate how different we all are – we all have different immune systems, genetics and experiences, and so it is important to note that what works for me might not work for you, and what I say here is not gospel (I’ll do a lot of referencing to give you access to the sources of my ideas). All I’m trying to do is share and provide a community – you are not alone, and I fully believe you can get through this and come out healthy.


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